Top Korean Game Studio SkyPeople Joins hands with CokeSwap to Create a Metaverse Game
2021-06-17 20:55:26 Primitive Reading

 Currently, NFT + Metaverse enjoys great popularity all over the world, with the trading volume of digital assets doubling continuously. At present, the popularity of the Metaverse has refreshed people’s cognition, and is also representative of the strong degree of popularity of the NFT game sector among the public. According to the statistics of the analysis platform, a total of 1.18 million encrypted art works have been sold by the time when this article have been released. The total market value of encrypted art exceeds US $880 million, which has increased exponentially since the second quarter of this year. The NFT + Metaverse market boasts of a huge potential of growth with the help of the DeFi ecology. The recent launch of  the game called Tribal War is a "great" ideal committed to building the NFT + Metaverse, which is about to bring a real landing application scenario metaverse ecology to the industry.

Skypeople Co., Ltd. ( Derek Park, the CEO, was founded in 2014, which was a mobile game development company. It joined hands with NC Soft, a South Korean publisher, to create a sales record of ranking second on Google play and third in Apple App Store. SkyPeople cooperated with NetPublishing Longzhong Network Co., Ltd., a foreign publisher and launched [Final Blade] in Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macao in June 2018, ranking 10th in Google play sales.
It is revealed that Singapore XLAB Foundation, the strategic investor of CokeSwap, has attached great importance to the exploration of high-quality blockchain projects, the support of the most cutting-edge blockchain technological innovation, and the promotion of the healthy development of the global blockchain industry. It has been focusing on the structural value investment. So far, the foundation has laid out more than 60 early blockchain projects, covering popular tracks including Boca ecology, DeFi, NFT and the Metaverse. As a rising star of the Metaverse concept, CokeSwap, which is supported by SkyPeople Studio and the powerful Singapore XLAB Foundation, will definitely have unlimited future value.
The visual world brought by the Metaverse is highly integrated with the real one, which can further improve the social operation efficiency. CokeSwap is expected to profoundly change the interaction way of various industries of human beings. It will build a "Trinity" Metaverse super ecology from three dimensions of NFT, GameFi platform and digital asset trading platform, which is going to bring infinite hope. All CokeSwap participants and believers are expected to hold firm belief to realize their Utopia as soon as possible.

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