The world's top game studios jointly create meta-universe games-Tribal War
2020-08-10 18:42:00 Primitive Reading

 In the current node where NFT+ meta-universe is exploding all over the world, the trading volume of digital assets is continuously rising exponentially. The explosion of the meta-universe has so far refreshed a new perception for everyone, and symbolizes the strength of the NFT game segment being sought after by the public. According to the data from the analysis platform, as of press time, a total of 1.18 million crypto art pieces have been sold, and the total market value of crypto art has exceeded $880 million. Since the second quarter of this year, it has been exponentially exploding. With the support of DeFi ecology, the NFT+ meta-universe market has huge growth space, and the Tribal War game that will be launched soon is dedicated to building the "grand" ideal of NFT+ meta-universe, and will soon bring real landing applications to the industry The scene meta-universe ecology.
Supercell is a video game studio based in Finland, founded in 2010, whose well-known titles include Toon Farm, Islander, and Wilderness Brawl. 2020, through a partnership with Tribal War Foundation, the two companies explore the combination and synergy of metaverse and NFT, and for the first time collaborate to launch the metaverse game Tribal War", TBW tokens will become one of the game's built-in currencies for in-game value circulation and collateral minting of NFT.

It is reported that Tribal War is a tribal war-themed GameFi project based on BSC chain created by Finnish game company Supercell and Tribal War Foundation, which is also a real meta-universe game project at present, and will be gradually deployed on public chains supporting EVM (Ethernet Virtual Machine) in the future (such as HECO, MATIC Sonal, OkexChain) for multi-chain operation. Meanwhile, Tribal War will develop virtual reality scenarios in the future and work to build Tribal War meta-universe.
It is revealed that Tribal War Foundation focuses on discovering high-quality blockchain projects, supporting the most cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation, promoting the healthy development of global blockchain industry, and focusing on structural value investment. So far the foundation has laid out more than 60 blockchain early-stage projects so far, covering popular tracks such as Boka Eco, DeFi, NFT and Meta-universe. As a rising star of the meta-universe concept, Tribal War has Supercell studio and a strong foundation joining it, and its future value can be said to be unlimited.
Tribal War is the story of tribes such as Goblins, Barbarians and Giants, who have fought countless battles for resources and land to maintain the long-term development of their tribes. Tribal War's metaverse is a "real-world" business simulation, in which a number of real-life economic and lifestyle scenarios are integrated into the block by means of smart contracts. Tribal War's metaverse is a "real-world" business simulation scenario, where real-life economic and life scenarios are built on the blockchain through smart contracts, and a complete ecological application is constructed for these scenarios, which are realized through smart contracts, while TBW passes are the only means of circulation and payment in this virtual scenario.

Unlike other programs, TBW Pass strives to achieve the perfect combination of NFT collectible value and application value through the metaverse. Users can participate in the management and governance of the game by holding 3D model cards, purchasing real estate and houses, opening mining farms, renting or hiring others to help you build your own "virtual world".
In the future, Tribal War will serve as a distributed shared virtual game platform where users can collect character cards for revenue or engage in PVP turn-based battles with other players. Users can also claim ownership of the virtual city through a blockchain-based land ledger. With planning and virtual activities within the city, its owner can determine what is published on the city, including interactive systems ranging from static 3D scenes to games. As the game changes, at a later stage the game will launch house building, raw material processing, city construction and other features to truly become a meta-universe chain game leader.

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