Starting with a Firm Attitude, Down-to-earth Actions Can Go Further -- CokeSwap Initiator Ryan R•Fox
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 Preface: The relationship between Ryan R•Fox and Bts
Daniel Larimer (BM), founder of BitShares, graduated from Virginia Tech in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in computer science.
He had always dreamed of finding a free market that would guarantee life, liberty and property of people. He believed that if someone could provide such a solution, he would not only make a lot of money, but also make the world a better place. He found that to do that, he had to start with free currency.
People choose their own currency. No one is forcing them to settle in dollars. He started trying to create a digital currency in 2009, and that's when he discovered Bitcoin, so he immediately got involved and actively promoted it.
In 2013, many Bitcoin exchanges were shut down and bank accounts seized by the U.S. government. At this point Dan realized that without a decentralized exchange, Bitcoin would be dead. Since then, he has been building a technology team and recruiting core technology developer Ryan RFox to develop BitShares, the world's first decentralized exchange
Born Out of the Ideal, Faded Out in Reality——
Rise and Fall of BitShares and Unwillingness of Ryan RFox
Centralized exchanges were trying to reinvent themselves amid the chaos of tens of thousands of exchanges. As an upstart, the power of decentralized exchanges was also quietly rising, and a big battle was just beginning. BTS was one of the earliest "decentralized exchanges" to emerge. There is a built-in acceptor system for BitShares. Through the acceptor gateway, fiat currency can be converted into BitUSD or BitCNY, and then traded on BitShares, which is similar to the cross-chain transaction carried out by some public chains. Innovative ideas for BitShares also received a lot of attention that year, with a 2016 report showing:
"Dominik Zynis, who was advising WINGS at the time, believes there are no cross-chain decentralized exchanges that can be trusted. The asset that comes closest to that, he says, is BitShares.
However, perhaps because of infrastructure deficiencies, BitShares’s ambitions to "decentralize" have become transparent with the decline of the chain.

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