NEMANJA Global starts the road of modernization development
2006-06-12 13:42:00 Primitive Reading

 Serbia has a history of over one thousand years of viticulture and a history of one thousand years of wine production. From the first Serbia principality in the 8th and 9th century, especially Nemanja dynasty period, to the 14th century, the governors in different periods of Serbia attached great importance to viticulture and wind industry, thus forming the wine industry and wine culture of this place. In particular, the climatic conditions of Balkan Peninsula are favorable to growing of grape, so the grape-growing area here has a huge advantage in Europe. 
Nemanja Global was founded in 2005, and its predecessor was the royal chateau of Serbia’s Nemanja dynasty in the Middle Ages. Nemanja Global is headquartered in Serbia with 12 manufacturing enterprises and 2,163 employees all over the world. It is a wine producer with world’s top quality.
In order to deepen the digital market strategy and digital operation, since establishment, the company has gradually developed to a country-level enterprise of Serbia through constant modernization transformation. One of the most famous industries owned by the company is the royal farm named after Nemanja dynasty. It is known as the quality but with low annual wine production. Nemanja Global provides an exclusive supply channel of wine to global famous government-related enterprises. Nemanja wine always appear in a lot of the country’s important occasions or the specified embassies and consulates abroad of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.
The vineyard of Nemanja farm is irrigated by the magical inverted river EPIGENIA. The chateau insists on manual picking and sorting, and the grapes will cool naturally to standard temperature and then will be squeezed. The production of good wine begins with superior modern technology. It combines the uniqueness of Nemanja vineyard with the latest technology of France and uses the most advanced production equipment. Besides, when making oak barrels, it will bake the them at different levels according to the characteristics of different wines to ensure the quality of wine.
After constant upgrade and iteration, with the most advanced wine technology of the 21st century, NEMANJA Global has worked with its employees to create a world’s best chateau in a short time. NEMANJA gradually gains a reputation at home and abroad and starts the road of modernization development.

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