NEMANJA Foundation was Established to Carry out Research in the Field of Science and Technology
2007-10-03 17:37:00 Primitive Reading

 In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, those who can take the initiative and compete to seize the commanding height in scientific and technological innovation will own the new strategic capital and advantages to win the present and future. In 2007, the scientific and technological industry ushered in the launch of Apple's iPhone generation. Apple officially changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple Inc., which also showed that the status of iPhone was surpassing that of Mac.
In July 2007, the board of directors of NEMANJA Group decided to establish a special foundation after consultation, which was officially named NEMANJA Foundation in order to engage in digital project development. As a foundation organization initiated by NEMANJA Group, NEMANJA Foundation specializes in digital project development. Based on building a digital enterprise, it is good at exploring innovative projects. It has invested and participated in the development of several high-quality Blockchain projects, such as CENTRE and Obsidian Systems, etc. The red wine of NEMANJA Manor has appeared on well-known occasions all over the world, and NEMANJA Foundation has attracted a lot of attention within the industry.
With the continuous update of science and technology, whether for business side or customer side, the demand for data storage and use is increasing, which has also brought huge market space and reverie to the science and technology industry. At the beginning of establishment, NEMANJA Foundation focused on scientific and technological innovation, seized the front row of competition for various digital projects in the industry, formed product differentiation advantages and conducted technology,token and investment resources empowerment.
Based on powerful technology team and experienced Blockchain technical resources, NEMANJA Foundation can integrate technical services at all stages. It tracks and helps the growth of the project throughout the process and provides appropriate technical resources at different stages.
With the acceleration of the process of Internet, traditional marketing model can not satisfy the needs of current consumers and the digital transformation of enterprises is imperative. According to the Group's digital transformation and optimization scheme, NEMANJA Foundation will restructure the application scenario of token economic theory, empower the new ecology of enterprises and provide a more efficient and safe environment for enterprise development. In investment field, it will select Internet digital projects to provide financial support for rapid development of the project. It will also assist innovation projects to carry out investment and public offering, so as to provide a more efficient and convenient space for project development.
NEMANJA Foundation has just begun the exploration and the field of science and technology may become the direction of long-term research and investment.

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