Leading the whole world, the North American Super Game Association of PSG was officially established!
2014-06-10 14:11:00 Primitive Reading

 According to the latest information got by MMOSITE, the North American Super Game Association of PSG was officially established a few days ago, which would further advance the standardized process of online game association’s commercialized operation in North American market, leading the game association market in the whole world.
It is learned that the North American Super Game Association of PSG is subordinate to PSG Foundation of Canada. With good resources and advantages, it was established by DigitalDomain Special Effects Supervisor, EA Game Producer, and Tencent Game Production Supervisor Steve Gray and has members from more than 15 countries including US, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, Philippines, etc. By focusing on the most popular game currently, the North American Super Game Association of PSG is working with traditional game associations such as Complexity Limit, GVG, Vodka, Adept, etc. to promote the game eco-development with all efforts.

As a professional and authoritative super guild alliance, the North American Super Game Association of PSG shows its great ambition. It has not only consolidated the online game market in North American, but also set up branches in Shenzhen of Asia, Dubai of the Middle East and Los Angeles of US. In addition, it possesses complete game development, technology programming and operation, R&D and investment department, member experience center, brand promotion agency and education promotion department with purpose of creating more value for the player and building stronger bridges for all parties.
The North American Super Game Association of PSG is a traffic-type association complex integrating service and capability, and it has deep foundation, profound deposits and advantage of experiencing multiple games. In future, the North American Super Game Association of PSG will actively expand the online game market all over the world. Currently, it has purchased the online game platform which has the most players in the world and has contacted relevant senior managers by means of its professional operation capability and accurate strategic insight.
A new era has already started, the association is resulted from game, so it should be dependent on game. The North American Super Game Association of PSG will improve the game environment, explore high-quality game projects, and gain a foothold in international game industry through internationalized operation mode. For the future, the director of the North American Super Game Association of PSG is full of confidence, “I believe there must be some new and different challenges and all new adventures will be accompanied with some unforeseen challenges, so you must solve them. But I don’t think that the players and I are not ready, instead, we will overcome all difficulties easily.”
You are not alone, let’s fight for glory and be born for games. The North American Super Game Association of PSG will fight with you together in future.

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