FILW was formally established as an IPFS governance layer pass token, Get support from community nodes such as FIL WORLD
2020-09-09 11:34:36 Primitive Reading

 Since the Filecoin Space Race weekly working conference on August 25th proposed the idea of the IPFS governance layer token, it has aroused the interest of many node miners. They have already begun to try to use the governance layer to solve the current problems Filecoin is experiencing. Finally, at the third week of the work conference "Filecoin Mining Seminar #3-Preparing for the Mainnet Launch" on September 8, FILW was officially confirmed as an IPFS governance layer token, and Filecoin's preparations were confirmed. Including in the preparatory work.
It is understood that FILW is the governance token of the IPFS industry. In theory, it is parallel to Filecoin. Filecoin focuses on the incentive layer, while FILW belongs to the governance layer. There is no affiliation between the two. On the contrary, through the cooperation of the incentive layer and the governance layer, the effect of balanced development can also be achieved, and the application and development of IPFS technology can be better promoted.
In the eyes of most outsiders, the biggest result of this space race should be an important test before the launch of Filecoin's mainnet, but it ignores the proposal of IPFS governance layer tokens. For IPFS, the emergence of the governance layer token FILW will be a brand new beginning.
The development of a new thing requires the joint efforts of multiple forces. Among the earliest supporters of FILW, there are well-known IPFS evangelism communities such as the FIL WORLD Foundation and some internationally renowned technology development teams, just like the FIL WORLD Foundation. The representative stated that FILW and Filecoin are two parallel carriages on the IPFS track. Now that Filecoin is ready to run, FILW needs our care. In the future, we will spend more energy to help IPFS build it. This new carriage may not only surpass Filecoin in the future, but will also take IPFS to a broader place.

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