Ecology Blockchain: Pacemaker of Ecological Application, Creating the Strongest Consensus of Blockchain Ecological Application
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Blockchain is a technology that may “renovate” multiple industries; its upsurge has successfully attracted a number of powerful enterprises and teams to join the blockchain camp. The blockchain projects of various countries have sprung up. And public chain is the bottom infrastructure of the entire blockchain industry, which is just like the foundation of a building. Without its bottom support, the blockchain application would be like a castle in the air.

Only a small number of public chains will stand out among the market with various chains. It means that they will take a share of the blockchain market and obtain the relevant speaking right in this field. Public chain plays a fundamental role in the development of the blockchain technology.


At present, the public chain is enslaved to the “impossible triangle of the blockchain”; few projects have realized real safety, reliability and efficiency up to now. In addition, the public chain technology is still being explored and gradually perfected. The development of the entire blockchain industry is obviously restricted by information asymmetry and a limited number of referable samples that have been implemented and applied. In order to stand out on the public chain track and obtain the support of more developers and more prosperous ecology,Ecology Blockchain is born.

Ecology Blockchain is launched by Singapore BTYC Blockchain Fund Co., Ltd. Supported by the strong capital of the foundation, it is devoted to creating the pacemaker of blockchain payment and ecological application, constructing the global new commercial ecosphere, digitizing values of intangible assets, deeply cooperating over enterprise chain reform,and providing a super public chain of Ecology Blockchain + enterprise empowerment.


EC technical team was established in August 2017 according to the advocate of Valery Vavilov, founder of Russian BitFury Chip Company. Valery Vavilov was born in Latvia, which was one country of the original Soviet Republic. He established the BitFury Company in Russia in 2011 and became the earliest BTC technical server. He also participated in the BTC layout. He cooperated with Samsung in high-performance chip R&D in 2014. He also jointly participated in the underlying technology development of Ethereum with VittalikButerin, founder of Ethereum.

The technical leader of EC team is Mark Witzke, the original Chief Technology Officer of Siemens. He once had in-depth cooperation with the original technical team of Charles Hoskisson, founder of Cardano, and they jointly set up the global first ADA mining pool with the pos mining mode in Japan, obtaining excellent technical breakthroughs and economic benefits.

According to the official report of Singapore BTYC Blockchain Fund Co., Ltd., EC technical team has empowered enterprises with Ecology Blockchain + ERP system integration. Its purpose is to reasonably configure various resources (including factors like sales, finance, supply, material and production) of traditional enterprises, reduce enterprises’ costs, enable enterprises to exert energy in an all-round way in the heated market competition, and further obtain the best economic benefits.

In addition, EC technical team also planned to independently develop EC-FIL cross-chain bridge in 2020. It would adopt EC expectant consensus mechanism, and conduct cross-chain slicing storage of data distribution on the basis of the big-capacity mode of Filecoin. users will bridge Web3.0 through decentralized storage plan provided by ECFIL, and realize decentralized distributive mass storage for the data of enterprises users through the ECFIL cross-chain bridge.

As the pacemaker of blockchain ecological application, the Ecology Blockchain is devoted to creating the strongest consensus of blockchain ecological application, continuously deepening digital currency belief, broadening consensus and leading the age. It will try to make digital currency a new asset allocation mode and make indelible social contributions to the development of the blockchain industry.

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