Crypto New World and IOST Foundation enter into a strategic partnership
2021-06-18 15:46:14 Primitive Reading

 On June 17, IOST Foundation announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with CryptoNewWorld Chain Tours, and IOST's dedicated GameFi Fund will support the development and operation of CryptoNewWorld project. Both parties will then actively explore innovations to make CryptoNewWorld more diverse and interesting, and to help CryptoNewWorld intervene with more grassroots users, as well as the ecological construction of NFT, making it more powerful and playable.

Crypto New World is a metaverse world based on the Coin Smart Chain (BSC), set on a magical medieval island, Aeternum, which has been a source of fantasy lore for thousands of years, where players set out without supplies or allies and need to navigate through a dangerous world. Magic flows through the islands of Aeternum, where players can use props and equipment with magical properties to entertain and profit at the same time through PVP battles or by upgrading NFT cards. the Crypto New World metaverse hosts a diverse user base and community culture, and each NFT card has a unique identity. In the world of Crypto New World, your fate is yours to decide.
Crypto New World has a unique combat system, thus creating an epic fighting world and pioneering the card strategy chain game. The game's hero stage contains 6 major boards, advanced level maps, and a new PK-style challenge for players. In addition, Crypto New World combines meta-universe and blockchain technology, with 3D stereoscopic graphics that are unmatched by traditional chain games; it pays more attention to user strategy matching, so as the game goes deeper players need to spend more thought on strategy.
Enter Crypto New World, each player may become the master of the game, the game's fate is in their own hands. Game players can get the game NFT props cards and rewards by fighting, strengthening and other ways. And some of the props obtained can be exchanged into tradable assets in real time, truly realizing the traditional game can not be realized that play that earn.
This cooperation with Crypto New World IOST Foundation is a world-renowned blockchain field investment institutions, dedicated to the world's top art NFT and blockchain of the foundation. In the future, IOST Foundation will act as an independent legal entity, fully responsible for the team organization, development, promotion and operation of CryptoNewWorld project, and assume all relevant legal responsibilities.
The IOST Foundation is committed to promoting the development and transparency of CryptoNewWorld and promoting an open, transparent and harmonious global eco-community. The IOST Foundation will strictly comply with local laws and regulations, and will finance its projects in an appropriate manner for specific groups of people, and give something back to CryptoNewWorld. All funds raised by the IOST Foundation will be used for technology development, marketing, community building, financial auditing, business partnerships and other purposes closely related to the development of CryptoNewWorld.

Currently, the IOST Foundation's collection boasts paintings by Picasso, crypto artist Beeple, and others, as well as incoming digital works in multiple categories such as NFT avatars and numerous NFT game props, with a total value of nearly 300 million yuan. The Foundation's frequent moves in the field of NFT avatars have received widespread attention from both inside and outside the industry. So far, the platform series of NFT avatars blind boxes launched by IOST Foundation have traded at a premium of nearly 50 times in the secondary market.
As a star team emerging from the NFT track, IOST Foundation has gained the attention and support of industry luminaries, and has reached cooperation with Christie's, Sotheby's, NiftyGateway and many other art institutions. With the support of industry head resources, IOST Foundation and CryptoNewWorld will further enrich and improve the trading and circulation of NFT works and other multiple With the support of the industry's top resources, IOST Foundation and CryptoNewWorld will further enrich and improve the trading and circulation of NFT works, becoming the most influential ecological platform in the industry.

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