Blockchain technology enters the business world and NEMANJA will keep focusing on the technology
2013-05-15 14:44:19 Primitive Reading

 As an emerging technology that is recognized to lead a new round of global technological and industrial changes in the 21st century, blockchain is opening up a whole new chapter for different industries with the rapid development of various fields and deep integration across industries worldwide.
When blockchain technology was first commercialized in 2013, the NEMANJA group set up a blockchain technology research team to study the prospects of blockchain commercialization and solutions related to the implementation of blockchain technology. In the following decade, NEMANJA has successfully reached important agreements with several multinational companies, including but not limited to the partnership with IBM, the strategic cooperation with DDB, and the in-depth project cooperation with Cisco, which have set off a new wave in the industry under the new development pattern of the world.
As blockchain technology continues to evolve, NEMANJA's blockchain technology research project team is focusing more on establishing a truly efficient vertical blockchain system for all partners and building business scenario applications corresponding to real-world technology, thus promoting the development of blockchain and achieving a balance between technical efficiency and scenario versatility.At the same time, the NEMANJA's project team asked more difficult, detailed, fundamental and pragmatic questions about the situation that has arisen in the course of the current cooperation with the current problems in the world blockchain. The team did not only focus on the simple problem "How useful will blockchain be?" but pay more attention to problem like "How can we make blockchain technology better for business? How can we better integrate emerging technologies with real-world scenarios?"

In the case of companies themselves, being grounded and steady is already a basic requirement. In the wave of digitalization, the hard condition for sustainable development is to achieve business growth through digital transformation and upgrading business models. After studying blockchain technology with great concentration, NEMANJA has confirmed that blockchain technology is an indispensable new engine in helping companies move towards digital transformation. Its excellent qualities in data exchange, credit transfer, value transfer, asset circulation and security and privacy can be really helpful to the digital upgrading for the global real estate industry.
Nowadays, blockchain has been deeply integrated with global commercial trade. NEMANJA will continue to focus on blockchain, with corporate business as the core, and achieve the great goal of common development and common prosperity with global partners.

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