Blind box pre-sale of twit farms -- Analysis on twit farms project
2021-12-13 16:52:10 Primitive Reading

 Recently, the trend of global chain travel has declined sharply, and the governance tokens of platforms such as waxp and spacecraft once fell below 100%. In the context of the current relatively low situation of chain travel, one chain travel released the news of blind box pre-sale, and twitter chain travel big V sent documents for its promotion one after another.
At first, the twitter blogger crypto giveaways sent a message and mentioned farmers world and twit farms at the same time. Of course, the former is not strange to everyone. The blogger described twit farms as an upgraded version of farmers world 2.0 and revealed that twit farms is about to sell blind boxes.

This has quickly attracted a large number of fans. While discussing the so-called upgraded farmers world - twit farms, fans find that more big V have sent documents to mention twit farms.

Crypto rocket and competitive brothers crypto almost simultaneously praised the overall economic model of twit farms, which means that compared with farmers world, twit farms will have more opportunities to earn income, and the overall economic market will be better than the former!

At the same time, interested fans search the keyword twit farms and find that many bloggers call it Farmers world 2.0 upgrade.

So let many bloggers praise its economic model, even better than farmers world. What is the sanctity of twit farms? After many searches, fans finally found the origin of farmers world and twit farms: the R & D team of twit farms and the R & D team of farmers world were actually the same team in the early stage, and farmers world was the first NFT game they created together. Under the influence of the situation of insufficient back drive of chain tour and market factors, the relevant principals had different ideas about the development direction of farmers world, which led to the disintegration of the team. Some people withdrew from the project and completed the upgraded farm tour of farmers world, which was named "twit farms". After a period of precipitation, twit farms finally made a big move, announcing the news of pre-sale of blind boxes through big V officials!

The official telegram group and official twitter of twit farms were also attached to many big V's messages. Global fans began to flow in rapidly, forming a large-scale global fan community. In such an environment of internal and external joint efforts, the twit farms game community has developed rapidly. "Community" is an online player organization developed after the popularity of Internet games, hoping to share members' cooperation experience and game fun in the game. "Community" not only provides a place for players to exchange game experience, but also a carrier for players to form teams to complete difficult tasks in the game in a team way. Some communities even provide players with resources, including game guidance, equipment, game strategy and other services. After the game goes online, the community will also help you get started quickly. The Xiaobian who wants to join the twitter farms community has been sorted out. Don't miss it.

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In fact, some chain tour communities have formed their own brand effect and business value. They provide players with NFT asset leasing of chain games, train game skills, spread knowledge of chain transactions, etc. Because the chain tour has the attribute of earn directly, this makes the "chain tour community" have richer profit methods than the traditional online tour community, and some even directly become the chain tour capital.
The relationship between community and chain tour produces brand effect and business value, which are very similar to the projects in investment institutions and their portfolios. Some people in the industry compare the relationship between "chain tour community - Game - player" to the relationship between "manufacturer - distributor - channel", which means a bit of industrialization development.
Some chain games have become popular due to the KOL involvement of the game community. The game has sold well, and the community has also made a name. Yield guild games with the help of axieinfinity fire is one of them. It can be said that the commercial effect produced by the common growth of community and chain tour has attracted capital's attention. The game community with strong consensus has become a traffic entrance, which will not only attract potential players, but also attract members of the official game team to join in reverse. The strong user stickiness of the chain tour community attracts capital investment, and the new chain tour they cooperate with has also become the next target of venture capitalists. The twit farms community is taking shape, and countless opportunities are waiting for players.

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