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2020-04-10 15:00:59 Primitive Reading


BUW is a distributed smart token based on CAS, the world's leading blockchain platform, and an ecological platform for decentralized enterprise finance and internal payment and circulation. BUW ecosystem consists of four parts: payment, ecology, wallet and digital asset trusteeship. Through BUW token, it can realize the link with the world, so that everyone can easily carry out new retail shopping and Global trade activities anytime, anywhere.


BUW core team is from the project management of Dubai Royal blockchain, with the world's top blockchain technology elite, and also established a professional enterprise market value management team.


BUW is committed to building a five in one industrial integration accelerator of "enterprise ecology + intelligent interface + application scenario design + business system + operation guidance". BUW's intelligent operating system enables enterprises to generate application systems with one key without professional technology, enabling the upgrading and transformation of real enterprises, and providing a one-stop comprehensive solution. In addition, BUW will establish multi-dimensional standards for asset digitization as the measurement standards of exchanges, international general and digital assets.

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