The Chinese Olympic Committee: be alert to the accumulation of money under the banner of blockchain technology
2020-04-10 13:53:31 Primitive Reading


On April 9, the official website of the Chinese Olympic Committee stated on April 8 that the Intellectual Property Protection Department of the Chinese Olympic Committee has warned against vigilant marketing activities involving Olympics, and has received multiple consultations and complaints regarding illegal marketing involving Olympics, such as Claimed to be held in the name of the so-called "World Olympic Sports Foundation", under the banner of blockchain technology and the "Olympic Star" money gathering activities, using the Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay (torchbearer) and its special products in the name of commercial development, and will The word "Olympic" is used for debates and other non-Olympic activities and solicitation of sponsorship.
The Legal Affairs Office of the Chinese Olympic Committee emphasized that the right holders of the Olympic Symbols have the right to use the Olympic rings and the proper names such as “Olympic Games” and “Olympic Games” as well as the official Olympic activities such as torch relay, culture and education. Strict approval procedures and rules will not directly allow third-party institutions to carry out relevant sponsorship solicitation and financing without the rights holders themselves participating in management.

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