Tesla Shanghai Super Factory introduces blockchain to improve logistics efficiency
2020-04-10 13:51:37 Primitive Reading


A few days ago, Netcom learned that Tesla and partners have jointly developed new projects that use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the logistics import business of Shanghai Super Factory. The stable supply of imported parts may drive Model 3 output to further increase.
At present, Tesla and CargoSmart, COSCO Shipping Container Lines and Shanghai International Port Group have completed the pilot project. This pilot project simplifies the cargo release process, and Tesla can speed up cargo pick-up through the information platform. At the end of March this year, CargoSmart, a freight management technology company, optimized the process to show customers cargo doors, appointment dates, and terminal release information.
It is reported that Tesla will use blockchain technology to import and manage the auto parts of the Shanghai Super Factory. At present, the pilot project has been completed and it is expected to enter the application promotion stage.

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