“Reiki pet”Announced Its Openning of Test Network
2021-04-05 12:47:00 Primitive Reading


Block Chain games have become a necessary condition to understand the Block Chain market. Compared with DeFi and NFT, Dapp has attracted more users and may become the key to large-scale adoption. The impact of this trend goes beyond some chains. Up to now, the social impact of playing games and earning money at the same time is huge. Take Axie Infinity as the main example, its player’s income is at least equal to the average income in some countries.

Last September, after the official aproval of “Reiki Pet”, Chris Keanu development team and Cloud Chain Laboratory began to carry out technology development and game design. After a year’s technology research and development, great strides have been made in game design, infrastructure and Block Chain technology.

“Reiki Pet” is a fighting game for pet cultivation, which is inspired by Magic Baby, opening the crazy journey of the “Reiki Pet” world. As a player to player (or player to computer) game, players can cultivate digital pets called Reiki pet, and then cultivate, educate, upgrade and synthesize pets to make them grow into what players want.

The gamers need to compete with each other in the game, and only the winner will be rewarded. Rewards are provided in the form of REPE tokens (based on Binance Smart Chain tokens). If gamers want to create a unique Reiki pet, they also need to use REPE tokens. The casting system in Reiki pet is composed of NFT, in which the cast equipment and pets can be destroyed or sold in the game to obtain the corresponding REPE tokens.

In such an increasingly fast market, in order to create a perfect game, Chris Keanu team and Cloud Chain Laboratory have perfectly interpreted the principle of “more haste, less speed”. They have been devoting themselves into development day by day without arrogance and impatience, slowly but surely. Finally they announce the opening of the test network today.


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