Blockchain games have become a new trend of the times, Reiki pet is ready to go and set sail
Many people say that 2021 is the first year of the value of the blockchain, because the blockchain in 2021 has successfully stood on the cusp of the times and has been used time and time again to prove its huge market potential and capabili...
09-27 18:32     Primitive     115 Reading
Reiki pet creates a new “player economy”, blockchain games are out of the circle again
As an industry that covers the world and has a large number of diehard fans, the game field is famous for its ability to shape the fantasy world, relieve mental stress, and satisfy peoples thirst for the virtual world. Playing games in leis...
09-26 18:47     Primitive     144 Reading
Swarm/Nbzz main website fully launched on September 28, opening a new chapter in the Web 3.0 era
According to official news, Swarm/Nbzz will complete the final upgrade, bridge and go-live testing within 48 hours to ensure stable operation of the main Swarm/Nbzz network once it goes live, please stay tuned to
09-26 13:57     Primitive     55 Reading
GameFi’s strong rise, Reiki pet opens a new track for playing and earning
Recently, there have been hot new words in the blockchain field. Before DeFi and Metaverse, the whole network was lively, and now it is GameFis turn to burst into super popularity. The full name of GameFi in English is Game Finance, which c...
09-25 17:35     Primitive     90 Reading
Digital Pet Universe and the Right Way to Play the Blockchain Game Crypto Kitties 3D
2021 can be said to be the stage of the outbreak of NFT concentration, where a variety of stars, NBA stars and so on have launched their own NFT works which are popular among many investors in the industry. NFT is a non-fungible token, a ki...
09-24 15:07     Primitive     175 Reading
Swarm main network will be launched soon, the future value is immeasurable!
According to official news, Swarm/Nbzz will officially launch its main network on September 25, when miners can participate in the construction of the Swarm/Nbzz main network, the much-anticipated Nbzz mining era is here, and the Web 3.0 er...
09-23 16:24     Primitive     119 Reading
Flash News
Infrastructure bill set for a vote by Sept. 27 with no changes to crypto tax provisions
Celsius becomes first CeFi or DeFi platform to cross $20B AUM
MicroStrategy splashes $177M on Bitcoin, now holds almost 109,000 BTC
FTX’s Bankman-Fried remains cautious about nascent NFT space
Poll shows Brits concerned over the prospect of a digital pound
Ethereum network's hashrate is 613,610.93 GH/s,mining difficulty is 8,143.78T
Iran to lift Bitcoin mining ban in September
Upbit reportedly first crypto exchange to file with Korean regulators
FTX buys name rights to Cal Memorial Stadium for 10 years in $17.5M deal
Chinese province to cut off Bitcoin miners from hydropower stations