YFI Launch on CoinBase, MFI set off the boom of first minin
2020-09-14 23:17:32 Primitive Reading


According to metapool.finance analysts, YFI launched CoinBase, and MFI was launched after YFI/YFII/JFI set off the boom of first mining. MetaPool, as an innovative mining platform for DeFi aggregate financial management, is deeply influenced by the design philosophy of YFI community. Creatively use four mining pools to help users pledge ETH to capture the maximum profits which distribute profits through MFI tokens. Based on this philosophy, MetaPool expands the scale of pledge pool with a dynamic extension matrix of 50% allocation ratio that all rules are implemented in smart contracts. The MFI is distributed in the mode of YFII without dig and ICO which is completely determined by the governance of MFI DAO. MetaPool project is initiated by the community which is autonomous and has no founder. At present, MFI community mainly includes five sections: technical community, audit community, media community, exchange community and volunteer community. Anyone interested in DeFi and DAO can participate in MFI development.
MetaPool's first mine pool is about to open on septem 9th, and the welfare of the first mine in the community will be shocked. The first batch of global volunteer communities will officially open on the 20th, and participants will enjoy the first mine hrough the white list!

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